Something we hear regularly at Metalart Engineering Ltd. is that steel is characterless, a cold material without emotion. With correct detailing and design we like to show the possibilities of steel. Due to the structural properties of steel we are able to create very slim, elegant designs. Because steel is long-lasting and recyclable, steel staircases do not burden the environment.

Steel is certainly not the most expensive material, but because of the many possibilities it offers in terms of style and finish, it is definitely versatile. We can produce steel staircases in all sorts of styles, such as straight flights, spiral stairs, quarter turn stairs or helical stairs. There are also many options when it comes to the finish. Powder coating is hard wearing and available in almost any colour. For functional staircases in exterior locations a hot-dipped galvanised finish is best. But whatever style you choose, Metalart Engineering Ltd. will always create your special design in the highest possible quality.