We offer our services to a vast variety of clientele including individuals, architects, construction companies, engineering firms, schools, churches, government owned organizations, bore hole drillers and international contractors.


Whether you want to find the perfect wrought iron door, steel window design or iron railing designs Metalart Engineering Ltd. has the designs to complement your home or business. If you want a customized wrought iron piece, we also provide over fifteen years of experience creating one of a kind works of art. We use…


Something we hear regularly at Metalart Engineering Ltd. is that steel is characterless, a cold material without emotion. With correct detailing and design we like to show the possibilities of steel. Due to the structural properties of steel we are able to create very slim, elegant designs. Because steel is long-lasting and recyclable, steel staircases…


Our products are unique because of our devotion to quality and our ability to customize building solutions. Whether you need a big shed or a small garden hutch, we build and offer a variety of sheds including a-frames, mini barns, carriage houses, cottages, dutch barns and aluminum sheds.